Aligner System

Aligner System

What is aligner system?

Also known as clear braces, aligner system is ideal if you want a discreet device. There are several different aligner systems: Most popular one is Invisalign.

They are removable, custom made, and transparent. There will be tooth-colored small attachments on your teeth during the treatment that can allow force to apply on your teeth.


How long would the treatment be?

Usually with very corporative patients, treatment can be finished in 1.5 years, but may go up to 3 years. If you only need to correct few teeth alignment? Then would take less than a year.

Advantages of aligner system:

  • Comprehensive Treatment Planning
  • Feel Confident With Discreet Aligners
  • Eat Your Favorite Foods
  • Practice Good Oral Hygiene
  • Avoid Uncomfortable Mouth Sores
  • Straighten Your Teeth In As Little As 12 To 18 Months

How do I know if
I am the right candidate for aligners?

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