What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a dental speciality that diagnoses and treats problems with the alignment and growth of your teeth.

Treatment involves using corrective devices, for example braces and aligners (even surgery if required) to realign your teeth. Essentially, these procedures are meant to apply slight pressure to your teeth to realign them correctly.

What is orthodontics?

Who can benefit
from orthodontics?

Anyone who needs their teeth straightened or has problems with their bite can benefit from an orthodontic treatment.

It’s a very common problem, so if one or more of your teeth are not positioned correctly, orthodontics can help to fix the problem.

Who can benefit from orthodontics?

What’s the best age for these corrective treatments?

There’s no ‘best’ age for an orthodontic treatment. It all depends on the length of the treatment, your comfort and the expected results.

Every individual is different, so there are no age restrictions for orthodontic treatments. It is important however, that children have their adult teeth and that their jaw is still growing, as they will respond well to the required corrections. A point to note that it’s never too late to correct your teeth. So if you are an adult and think that you have missed the boat, don’t worry, because we can still help to correct your teeth with adult braces.

What’s the best age for these corrective treatments?
There are no age restrictions for orthodontic treatments

Five benefits
of orthodontics

Whilst the most obvious benefit of these treatments is more confidence and a big smile, there are other advantages you may appreciate.
  • The bone structure of your face and jawline is improved.
  • Over or underbites are corrected.
  • Excessive gaps between your teeth are reduced.
  • It’s easier to eat and speak clearly.
  • It’s a non-invasive procedure.

What types of braces are available?

There are so many different types of braces on the market, you won’t have a problem finding one that’s suitable for your needs. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular braces: clear braces, ceramic braces and metal braces.

Clear braces


Also known by the brand name Invisalign, this clear brace is ideal if you want a discreet device. They are removable, custom made, and transparent.

Ceramic braces


These have brackets and wires that are tooth coloured to blend in well with your teeth, so they are less noticeable than metal braces. They also correct your teeth faster than clear braces and are one of our most popular adult braces.

Metal braces


The more traditional braces are made from metal that’s bonded onto the front of your teeth. They are the least expensive option but are also highly noticeable.

Are brace prices expensive?

Brace prices depend on the type of option you choose, so for example. Clear braces are generally from $5500, metal braces from $5500, and ceramic braces from $7000; there’s a small additional cost for the elastic bands in coloured braces (above the cost of the metal braces).

Fast brace (simple 6 months quick alignment)
can be between $2000 to $3500

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