Bruxism & Splint & Injectable Muscle Therapy

Bruxism & Splint & Injectable Muscle Therapy

What is bruxism
(Teeth griding)?

Bruxism is the medical name for teeth grinding or clenching that is not part of normal chewing. Adults and children can grind their teeth during sleep. You might also grind your teeth during the day. If you grind your teeth while asleep, you may not be aware that you are doing it.

What are the symptoms?

If you grind your teeth, your symptoms could include:
  • cracked, chipped or loose teeth
  • damaged tooth fillings
  • painful jaw muscles, especially in the morning
  • headaches or toothaches
  • sensitive teeth
  • sleep disturbance
  • temporomandibular joint dysfunction
What are the symptoms?

Why do I grind my teeth?

Some possible causes and triggers for teeth grinding are:

Some possible causes and triggers for teeth grinding are:

  • emotional stress and anxiety
  • smoking
  • alcohol or caffeine use
  • snoring
  • taking particular medicines, such as certain antidepressants

How to treat bruxism in dentists?

We do a custom-made mouthguard (known as an occlusal splint or night guard) to protect your teeth, and your damaged teeth need to repair with specific dental treatments. In severe cases, injectable muscle therapy can be done. This therapy reduces the volume of the muscle so that reduces the power when you grind the teeth.

There is no specific way to prevent grinding, but all the treatment is focused on reducing and preventing the damage to your teeth and jaw.


What kind of splint should I use?

We offer from thin, soft one who has just start wearing splint but cannot bear it in their mouth, to hard and thick ones for the ones who has jaw joint pain. You can discuss with our dentists which one will be suitable for you.

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